Speaking in Cursive


Have you ever talked with someone who speaks in cursive? My daughter does, and it was never so obvious as on our trip to Italy. Besides being in a country where neither one of us spoke Italian and in a culture so new and different from our own, we also found, at first, we were having a hard time communicating… with each other.

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My Son’s Dog

My Son's Dog, Kira

My son’s dog, Kira, is 85 pounds of a highly energetic two-year-old German shepherd…who lovingly means well in everything she does. With unbridled gusto, she endeavors to “help” however she can—from washing the kitchen floor when she gets a drink of water, to thinning out the lilies when she digs a hole to China… in my garden. Quite honestly, I didn’t know I needed to go to China but well… you know.

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