“A moment in my mind,
A smile remembered.
A smell so sweet,
Something that once was.

I can almost touch you,
In these memories that linger,
Captured in a snapshot,
A moment in time.”

-Kimberly Bryant-Palmer

At this time of year, we gather to remember, to remind ourselves of our love for one another ~ and we are thankful.

Everything may not always be easy or even so wonderful, but when you are surrounded by loved ones—the memories of those that have moved on and of those that are here—life becomes a little easier.

Hoping you enjoy these snapshots.

photovisi-download (2)

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

With love,

Why in the World Did I Do What I Just Did?

There is an episode of “Friends” (The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS, Season 5, Episode 4) where Phoebe and Joey have a bet—that Phoebe cannot do one thing that somehow, in some way, does not ultimately benefit her or make her feel good. Joey maintains there is no such thing as a “selfless good deed”—that at the root of every act of kindness, is a selfish motive. The episode is hilarious, but it does cause you to look inside, to turn the flashlight on, to peer into the deep recesses of the caverns of your heart and ask, “Why in the world, did I do what I just did?”

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What’s Better Than Roast “Beast?”


Do you like filet mignon? I know I surely do. My husband, Jerry, does, too, but when it comes to it, he seriously likes meat. To him, it really doesn’t matter—rib eye, T-bone, sirloin, strip steak, Porterhouse. But to me, if I’m going to have a steak (because I’m really truly, most probably likely, on the verge of being a vegetarian)—so if I’m going to eat meat, I really love a melt-in-your-mouth piece of filet mignon.

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