Charlie Brown: A Reminder for the New Year

Most of us have seen and know the animated A Charlie Brown Christmas.
But if you haven’t, I hope you can take a moment and see it.

And most of us know (and you will, if you get that moment) when Linus tells Charlie Brown Christmas’s true meaning.

Charlie Brown
But have you ever noticed that during his recitation, Linus drops his blanket? Watch the clip carefully. Notice anything about when he dropped his blanket? The blogger Jason Soroski did, and it really blew my socks off. It was an eye opening, refreshing ice tea-on-a-hot-summer-day moment. Check out his blog to find out why.

I pray you’ll find it as comforting as I do—that it will come to mind often as we jump into and walk through this New Year.

Happy New Year!

Dry Bones

As you’re closing in to cross the finish line of celebrating on Christmas Day, do you find yourself feeling more like a zombie who has gone through the zombie apocalypse than someone celebrating the Good News of the birth of Jesus? Do you feel more akin to a sack of dry bones? There have been moments, this year, this season especially, that I know I have.

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Moving At Christmas? That’s What We Do!


For the past five years, my husband, Jerry and I, have moved one of my three children at Christmas time. Some moves were from town-to town, or apartment to apartment, but two have even been from state to state—Tennessee to Massachusetts, and this most recent, so recent we are still in the midst of it, from Florida to Alabama. Every move has its memorable moments, lots of laughter and some tears, but it’s this move, the one that we’re smack-dab in the middle of, that takes the cake.

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My daughter is pregnant and due any day! Yay! Total excitement complete with a mother’s jitters. But add to the mix the news that my daughter’s husband has been offered a new job…but his new employer wants him to start a week from today…in a different state….

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A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor

As we launch into the Christmas Season bursting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we often hear words like “Remember the Reason for the Season.” A few weeks ago, my daughter, Laura, as she said, “felt like writing,” sent me what she had been silently wrestling with, the struggle within. With her permission, I’m passing this along to you hoping it will encourage, strengthen, and help you to “tighten your bootstraps” as we trudge along together and…remember.

Merry Christmas everyone.

With love,

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Nearly two years ago, with tear-stained cheeks, I kissed my husband goodbye at the Nashville International Airport, sending him off to boot camp with a contract to begin Navy Seal training upon boot camp completion. In short, that meant two months of limited communication and at least six months of here and there visits, and a lifetime of uncertainty.

Saying goodbye in Nashville as Andrew left for boot camp

Saying goodbye in Nashville as Andrew left for boot camp

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