We Shall Prevail!

Perspectives. We all have them. We all see life the way it should be, the right way, our way, right? Perhaps yours is making sure the dishwasher is loaded perrrrrfectly to maximize cleaning space and members of your family don’t share how important that can be. Or perhaps, a neighbor may feel that his barking dog is cute. You may not quite agree and secretly wish that the dog would develop laryngitis. For my mom…it was pesky squirrels.

My mom, the squirrel hunter

My mom, the squirrel hunter

My mom was convinced that in her battle with the squirrels to keep them off the birdfeeder, she would prevail!

And the squirrels in their conniving, tenacity were obviously and equally of the mind that they too would prevail!

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I Don’t Think I Really Knew


It’s easy to get caught in the grey days of January and in the bad news spilling from just about everywhere, but God reminds us to give thanks in everything.

I wrote these words a few years ago, shortly after losing my first husband. I don’t think I really knew what I wrote, but now, more than even then, I’m just beginning to, am barely understanding, the many faces of God’s love. Continue reading

Is It Just Me

I find myself saying, more often than not, like Goldie Hawn in the movie Private Benjamin, “I want to wear sandals. I want to go out to lunch. I want to be normal again.” But whittle it down to brass tacks, to the barebones; what I’m crying out is “I just want a normal life.” Continue reading