Just One More Thing

Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary in downtown Nashville.

This past weekend Jerry and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. Getting away from our cat, dogs, and various a sundry animals, we came home relaxed and refreshed, but not quite ready to surrender back into a routine of the day-to-day. Wanting to eek out just a little more, we decided to end the evening with a wonderful soak in the hot tub, while enjoying the beauty of the night sky. It was a great thought. But it stayed just a great thought because when we pulled open the cover, the temperature of the hot tub was a whooping 87 degrees, rising only by a degree in spite of our best efforts to heat it up. Yikes! Continue reading

I’ve Got This

my fellow americans“It’s all a façade.” That’s a really funny line from the movie, My Fellow Americans, when actor, John Heard, who plays the bumbling Vice President of the United States, Ted Matthews, smugly admits that his seeming ineptness is truly a ruse. The hilarity of the moment happens when he incorrectly pronounces the word “façade.” Instead of pronouncing it with a soft “c,” he says it with a hard “k,” and the scene is priceless. In that split second, it’s very obvious that Vice President Ted Matthews doesn’t have it together at all. And in reality, neither do we.
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The Best Valentine


Can we imagine seeing pure love? Can our hearts possibly fathom, have even the tiniest inkling of what that looks like? Love that is without a hidden agenda, an underlying motive—love personified in the deepest sense, one that defies all comprehension. Have you seen the recent Jet.com commercial where people’s brains explode in a purple puff of smoke because of all the money they save by shopping on that site? The commercial to me is a wee bit disturbing, but when I try to grasp God’s selfless, sacrificial love, it’s just too much. It truly is mind-blowing. The concept of what love looks like without human boundaries is close to inconceivable—that is, if it weren’t for Jesus.

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