“Beautiful Scandalous Night”

Tomorrow is Good Friday and many of us in quietness and solemnity reflect on what it meant for Jesus to, as a human being, face the physical torments of the cross. As God, the Son, we cannot begin to imagine what He faced looking at the horrific anguish of hell and the complete separation from God, His Father. So we look and are thankful, but not nearly enough, nor with any true understanding.

Below you will find a song written by Bebo Norman and Sixpence None the Richer. I hope you are blessed by these words because it is truth about the “Beautiful Scandalous Night.”

A Most Joyous Easter Awaits as we think on His love.


Beautiful Scandalous Night
Written by Bebo Norman and Sixpence None the Richer

What About Grace?

Jesus Preaching on a Hillside

I think it started even before I had children, when my friend, Alice, who had three teenage children of her own, told me all she wanted for them was to raise them to be nice people. She wasn’t aiming them for success as a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief—as the singsong jump rope rhyme from childhood went—but what she really wanted was for them to be kind, caring, and responsible adults. Tucking that away because what she said resonated deeply within, and pulling it up to think on it a time or two when my own were toddlers, then tweens, I began to form in my mind what it was that I wanted for my children. Success in terms of financial wealth or status took more and more of a backseat and like my friend, Alice, what became “front and center” for me was for them to be caring and loving. Going one step further though, I wanted them to be Godly people.   

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Sneaky Little Memories

Our horses, Caspian and Gabby

Our horses, Caspian and Gabby

The other day Jerry and I found ourselves at the crossroads of selling or keeping our horses. We love them, but honestly, they are large and expensive pets. Given half a chance, they would crawl up into our laps and snuggle down for a long winter’s nap. The decision shouldn’t have been that hard, but in trying to determine what to do, thoughts of when we had to say good-bye to other family animals flooded our hearts making for an arduous and difficult task.

Have you ever been face-to-face with an imminent decision when out of nowhere, standing before you is a forgotten moment that was lived five minutes, five years, or even a lifetime ago? We truly don’t see them coming do we? Practically staring us in the face, sometimes emerging from veiled shadows and crevasses of our past, or fresh out of our present bolting headlong into our futures, are our memories. For good or bad they invariably affect us, swinging from an uneasy feeling in our stomach to a sense of euphoric sunshine for no obvious reason at all. But they’re always with us. Continue reading