My friend, Susi, has the most beautiful feet. Now, you may think that an odd thing to say, but if you could see mine, you would understand why I appreciate a nice pair of tootsies. No matter what I do—soak, scrape, pumice, cheese grate, or lotion these puppies, I have, without a doubt, some of the roughest ones on this planet. But I do have nice hands…and incredibly strong nails. And I have been complimented on my hair. (I’ve been blessed with a great streak of white in the middle of my head.) But those feet, they often make me so self-conscious. What a silly thing! Right?

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I’m So Busy—The Narrative

To quote my grandson Henry, these words, “What is happening with this, Amma? What is happening? This is dangerous,” could quite conceivably freeze you in your tracks. But don’t worry, because to Henry, eating something he doesn’t like on any particular day is dangerous. One day, it’s dangerous to eat a PB&J, on another, macaroni and cheese. He’s quite the character and quite verbal—he’s only two and a half years old!  

My grandson, Henry

But “This is dangerous,” could apply to so many things. There’s physical peril in regards to cliff diving, bungee jumping, tightrope walking and even choking on that aforesaid PB&J, but there’s the greater reality of the “under the radar” deceptive dangers of the everyday, the “I’m so busy” syndrome.

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