God is Good

Two weeks ago, after losing touch and not seeing each other for over thirty years, my college roommate and I had the grandest reunion in Memphis, Tennessee. We found each other through social media about four months before and after talking on the phone for about hour and a half, catching up, but getting an all too brief outline of each other’s lives, we finally got to see each other again.

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Mary Had It Right

Have you ever seen anything like it? This sentiment could apply to most anything these days—natural disasters concerning the weather—tornadoes and floods, earthquakes, or violence, unrest and turmoil in this nation, or, surprise! this year’s presidential election. Most of us would likely say, “No. This is the worst it has ever been.” But, truly, is it? There have been times before this that the world has seen unbelievable things.

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Struggling with Surrender

My daughter, Laura, is a new mom. So for Mother’s Day weekend, she wrote a guest post for my blog. She’s learning an important lesson on surrender.

LucyMy daughter, Lucy Drew, is just four months old. So I don’t claim to be an expert whatsoever in anything mother-related and so forth. But I do know in these short four months, the seeds of worry and being anxious about literally everything have crept… no sprinted… into my heart. So what’s a girl to do? Here’s what the Lord has been showing me.


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