How to Love Your Husband… Even if He is From a Different Planet

Jerry and I love to walk. Well, me more than him, but he’s catching on. Moving as briskly as possible we generally try to walk five days a week, about 40 minutes at a time. Beside the benefits of losing some pesky pounds while getting in shape, we often get to see beautiful sunrises. One morning this past week, the sky was extraordinary.


Peppered with hundreds of cotton ball-like clouds it was beautiful almost beyond description. I was about to exclaim its loveliness to Jerry when he beat me to the punch saying, “Hey! Look at those clouds. They remind me of the ones on The Simpsons.” In a split instant, I went from marveling at the wonderful picture God had painted across the sky to envisioning the images of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie—their theme song then playing in my head.

The Simpsons

Men. So very different from women. Some, like feminist and political activist Gloria Steinem, have denied that could be true and have railed against those studying to see if indeed women are from Venus and men are from Mars. But in the end, with all the data from psychological and scientific studies, the findings are, that we are truly distinctive from one another.

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Why It Is So Important to Our Faith Walk to Have Words and Pictures

Many years ago, my late husband and I had a German Shepherd named Rachel. Everywhere we went, she went—she was right there with us. It was nothing to see the three of us careening down the highway in our Wagoneer, windows open and hair flying. Not mine, because it was secured under a baseball cap, but Rachel’s. Her fur, mingled with her drool, because she was panting with excitement to see where our next adventure took us, flew in all directions.


Rachel and Me

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Why Sometimes We Should Move Forward by Backing Up


Have you ever been in the middle of doing something, actually something you want or feel you really need to do, and the phone, urgent email, or knock at the back door brings your agenda to a screeching halt? It’s the “Oh man!” moment where, all in one increment of time, feelings of excitement, disappointment, and guilt, converge in a tangle of emotions to be sorted through later. It’s the realization that completing what’s in front of you now needs to take a back seat to what has come up and that your line up of the calendar day is not as important as you thought. Continue reading