Why Unanswered Prayer Can Be Such a Blessing


When I was ten years old I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis, a curvature of the spine with no known cause. No reason. No rhyme. It just is. In my case, and for most, it is genetic in nature, the methods of dealing with it, either surgery or a brace. And because spinal fusion is rather drastic, the first choice of treatment to keep the curve in check is usually the brace.

milwaukee-braceNot far removed from medieval times, the Milwaukee Brace that I wore in the 1960s and ‘70s looked horrendous. Attached to a leather girdle that was buckled around your hips and also to a neck piece that like handcuffs snapped in place around your neck, were three adjustable metal bars, the two in the back that with each modification made, created that beautiful hunchback look, one that all teenage girls were dying to wear.

Not long after becoming a Christian at the age of 15, and after learning that Jesus brought/brings to us healing, one afternoon, kneeling beside my bed, I prayed asking Him to straighten my spine. Grabbing my handheld mirror to inspect His work, and hoping that He had said yes to my request, I found my back looked much the same as before. Continue reading

The Second Sunday of Advent: Confession


This coming Sunday marks the Second Sunday of Advent.

Together, let us focus next week on confession. Confession is a beautiful gift from the Lord. Without it, we would needlessly carry rucksacks overflowing with sin and brokenness that we cannot possibly bear, fix, or even hope to be rid of.

Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful song by Greg Wilbur to help prepare our hearts as we come before the Lord. The lyrics are written in the image above.

*Wilbur, Greg. Hear My Prayer. 2016.
*Sung by Sara Nixon

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