Looking Toward Advent


A little less than a month from now will be the day after Christmas. It’s hard to believe, but the rush will be behind us and the tinsel, paper, and garlands along with this year’s cherished memories stored away. But as we approach this holiday season, filled with the laughter of family and friends, gift giving, and loads of good food, we can also steal away from the hustle and bustle when we observe Advent. Continue reading

The Second Sunday of Advent: Confession


This coming Sunday marks the Second Sunday of Advent.

Together, let us focus next week on confession. Confession is a beautiful gift from the Lord. Without it, we would needlessly carry rucksacks overflowing with sin and brokenness that we cannot possibly bear, fix, or even hope to be rid of.

Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful song by Greg Wilbur to help prepare our hearts as we come before the Lord. The lyrics are written in the image above.

*Wilbur, Greg. Hear My Prayer. 2016.
*Sung by Sara Nixon

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First Day of Advent: Adoration


Have you ever walked outside after a really difficult day and looked up when the first evening star is peeking its head out in the twilight? And all that was so hard, the trials and tribulations, that held you so tight seemed to melt away? Have you had those times when you felt like you’ve been holding your breath all day, and the moment when you gaze up at the night sky, you finally let go and breathe?

When John, my oldest, was a toddler, sometimes after a trying day, I’d scoop him up in my arms and run outside just as the sun was setting. Looking for that first star, we would wait. And without fail, when it appeared, such peace would always find us.

Isn’t that the way it is? The majesty of God’s creation captures us reminding us of who He is—our Creator, our Savior, and as the angels proclaimed so long ago, Our Wonderful Counselor, our Mighty God….

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Let’s Do Advent a Little Different This Year


I cannot believe in just over a month Christmas will be here… and then it will be gone.
Every year—as life bustles by quicker and quicker— it feels harder and harder to get into the Advent season.

So this Advent, I hope to take a different approach. While I meditate on Christ’s birth, I am also going to—with the Lord’s grace and help—quiet my heart and fix my eyes on Christ’s return, when all the hardships of this world will fade into nothingness.

I would love for you to join me this Advent season. To do so, I have written a Christmas Advent Calendar—four readings for the four Sundays of Advent.

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I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving and a joyful Advent season.