Becoming a Pillar of Salt: A Lesson from Lot’s Wife

Recently, Jerry and I made a decision that caused me to come face-to-face with Lot’s wife, the woman from the infamous town of Sodom. Not a comfortable thought considering in the Bible, she is nameless. But more importantly, when fleeing the historic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah she is the person who by looking back, disobeyed God and was changed into a pillar of salt. Not knowing her reasons why, but realizing that some of those same motives which might have caused her disobedience—not wanting to leave family and friends, wanting the security of the past by holding onto what is familiar—all of which are alive and well in me, was enough to give me pause. To stop and listen. To pay attention and trust God in what Jerry and I feel He is leading us to do. Continue reading

I’ve Got This

my fellow americans“It’s all a façade.” That’s a really funny line from the movie, My Fellow Americans, when actor, John Heard, who plays the bumbling Vice President of the United States, Ted Matthews, smugly admits that his seeming ineptness is truly a ruse. The hilarity of the moment happens when he incorrectly pronounces the word “façade.” Instead of pronouncing it with a soft “c,” he says it with a hard “k,” and the scene is priceless. In that split second, it’s very obvious that Vice President Ted Matthews doesn’t have it together at all. And in reality, neither do we.
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